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New “Ghost” at Hampton’s Court

Investigative Briefs  with Joe Nickell
March 04, 2015

At England's Hampton Court Palace, in Middlesex, “ghosts” are always welcome, whatever their true nature. Recently 12-year-old Holly Hampsheir captured a strange figure on her iPhone—as she and her cousin of the same age noticed the following day, while perusing their images. Was it the fabled ghost of the Grey Lady? asked the tabloid Daily Mail. Or was it something else? as I was asked by Alan Boyle of NBC News.

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Critical and Thinking: The Ian Harris Interview

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper  with Ben Radford
March 04, 2015

Ian Harris is a LA-based comic who has performed at the Center For Inquiry and at CSI conferences, blending comedy and skepticism. He can also choke you unconscious. 

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That’s a Really Minimal Minimum

The Morning Heresy  with Paul the Morning Heretic
March 04, 2015

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.      

A court in Turkey blocks access to the website of the country's first atheists' group, The Atheism Association, less than a year after the group formed. The charge? "Provoking the people for hate and enmity or degrading them." Right.

I am not what you'd call a fan of Jimmy Kimmel, let's just say that. But I gotta give him this: his takedown of the anti-vax crowd is one for the ages. 

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Conflicts of Interest: the appearance of impropriety

by David R. Koepsell
March 03, 2015

Modern science demands cooperation among various sectors, including universities, research institutes, and corporations. Without transparency about the sources of our funding and clarity about our motivations, scientific objectivity may suffer. Scientists must owe their primary duty to science itself, and not to those funding their studies.

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