Programs Offered by CFI–Indiana

Center for Inquiry–Indiana continues to provide a wide variety of programming. Listed below are all of the programs we were able to offer in 2011:

Special Speakers

Dan Barker—Ministers Who Don’t Believe

Gary Levey—The Joad Cycle

Ron Morris—The Noble Experiment

Tom Flynn—Who Are These Doubters Anyway?

Chris Edwards—Model Dependent Realism

Penn Gillette—God, No!

Julian Baggini—Is Radical Politics Still Possible?

Katherine Hilden— Con Man, Interrupted

Chris Mooney—The Science of Why We Deny Science

Roy Zimmerman—Live From the Starving Ear

Darren Dochuk—From the Bible Belt to the Sun Belt

David Linden—The Compass of Pleasure: Vice, Virtue, and the Brain’s Pleasure Circuits

John Loftus—Christianity is Wildly Improbable

Christopher DiCarlo—How to Be a Really Good Pain in the Ass

Mikki Randolph—Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an In-Betweener

Monthly Café Inquiry Speakers

David Polly-Mammals, Evolution and Climate

Pedro Irazoqui-Implantable Devices for Neuromodulation of Epilepsy

Kelly Hayes—The Dark Side of the Sacred: Pomba Gira in Brazil

Robert Helfenbein-The Crisis in Public Education

Robert Schoenemann-The Evolutionary History of the Brain

Jonathan Eller—The Influence of Ray Bradbury on Scientific Imagination

Regular Programs

Coffee and Conversation every Sunday

English as a New Language every Saturday

Addictions Recovery Group every Tuesday

Monthly Dining Out Nights

Monthly Game Nights

Movie Nights

Secular Family Network/CFI Kids twice a month

Monthly Scientific Examination of Religion discussion

Monthly Scientific Examination of Medicine and Mental Health discussion

Monthly Philosophy Discussion

Monthly 20’s/30’s Guided Discussion

Lectures and discussions on literature, art, and music

Secular Small Business Association

Monthly Skeptics in the Pub

Monthly Indy Atheist Meetup

Special Celebrations and Events

Science and Arts Day for Kids

Winter Solstice Party

New Year’s Eve Game Night

Carl Sagan Birthday Party

Darwin Day

Galileo Birthday Celebration

Memorial to Christopher Hitchens

National Day of Reason celebration

House Parties at members’ homes

Annual Picnic

Skeptics on the Fringe

Rapture Party

4th Anniversary Party

Circle City Pride Festival

CFI Kids Food Drive for Gleaner’s Food Bank