CFI Annual Report 2013 - a Year of Many Accomplishments

February 24, 2014

Issued February 24, 2014

CFI Annual Report 2013 (click to read.)

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Without a doubt, this past year we saw how potent a force our community of humanists and skeptics can be when we combine our efforts and work together for a society that embraces science, questions dogma, and champions free expression.

As evidence of this, we at the Center for Inquiry are very proud to present to you our Annual Report for 2013, a year of inspiring progress and truly meaningful accomplishments for science, reason, and secular values.

Progress Report: Advances in Advocacy, Community, and Inquiry

This is the work that you make possible, and we hope this report will give you a strong sense of what we achieved together in 2013. And cause to become an active member of CFI, thus gaining the benefits.

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