May 16-18—It’s time for the third Women in Secularism conference

February 27, 2014

It’s time for the third Women in Secularism conference, an unmissable event that will tackle some of freethought’s burning questions:    

  • A wave of oppression around the world is being justified by religious dogma with an aim to drag women’s rights back to the Bronze Age. —Can the tide be turned?
  • Women who attempt to leave a religion too often face family estrangement, community exile, or even violence. —Can we create an environment where women are free to question faith without fear?
  • Women and minorities continue to be underrepresented in the secular movement. —Can we right this wrong and strengthen the movement?       

The answer to all of these is YES.

We can do it.

See a powerful roster of speakers and panelists from the worlds of   social justice, freethought activism, journalism, and academia confront these questions and much more.

Women in Secularism III   is presented by the Center for Inquiry.

Register now for Women in Secularism III,
May 16-18 in Alexandria, VA, just outside of DC.