National Day of Reason - May 3, 2012

April 12, 2012

Get ready for the National Day of Reason on May 3!

Here’s how you can prepare for this day of good works and clear thinking in this Secular Spring!

From lobbying days and conferences to a gathering of thousands on the National Mall, this season has seen a blossoming of secular activity and activism, a true “Secular Spring.” Here’s what’s next on the list for this exciting time:

The National Day of Reason—May 3

For decades, the National Day of Prayer has been observed—unconstitutionally—by officials at all levels of government, proclaimed by every president since Truman.

In response, the National Day of Reason was established in 2003 to coincide with the National Day of Prayer—not merely to express opposition but also to offer an alternative view, a positive vision for tackling the country’s problems: reason over faith and good works over wishful thinking.

The crises and challenges facing our nation can seem staggering at times; it’s natural that some Americans would want to turn to a higher power for solutions. But we know that human beings have it within themselves to make their world a better place, by applying the tools of science and reason, by living the values of compassion and charity, by taking action in this world rather than asking for favors from the next.

On the National Day of Reason, we affirm that it is within each of us to make this country as prosperous, as secure, and as good as we want it to be.

National Day of Reason—Resources

As we did with Carl Sagan Day and Darwin Day, CFI is providing several resources to help individuals and groups celebrate and promote the National Day of Reason.
On our website, you’ll find:

  • ·event ideas—this is a great day for volunteer and community service projects
  • ·ready-to-print posters
  • ·a design for buttons and stickers
  • ·Facebook cover
  • ·and even a handbill explaining the background and purpose of the National Day of Reason

Print them as they are or add your own group or event details, but whatever you do, help us make this Day of Reason really shine!


Secular Spring 2012: Reason Rising

All winter long, our national dialogue has revolved around politicians saying the most unreasonable things while trying to appeal to their most unreasonable constituents. Church-state separation “makes me throw up,” says Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich warns of “a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists,” whatever that means.

Fortunately, spring is here—Secular Spring. With an abundance of secular events and activities, reason is rising and taking its place on the national stage.

·2/11 - CFI-Indiana Civic Day: Indianapolis, IN

·3/1 – Moving Secularism Forward: Orlando, FL

·3/23 – Lobby Day for Reason: Washington, DC

·3/24 – Reason Rally: Washington, DC

·3/30 – Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference: Renton, WA

·3/31 – Rock Beyond Belief: Fort Bragg, NC

·4/3 – Secularism on Campus: Pittsburgh, PA

·4/13-15 – Global Atheist Convention: Melbourne, Australia

·5/3 – National Day of Reason

·5/18 – Imagine No Religion 2 conference: Kamloops, BC, Canada

·5/18 – Women in Secularism conference: Arlington, VA


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