New Books 2009-08-04

August 4, 2009

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Newly arrived:  
Future Bioethics by Ronald Lindsay engages your mind. It details, from bioethics and medical law perspectives, current arguments on all sides of bioethical flashpoints, and logically moves to a conclusion on each. If you have been wondering how to move through the complexities relating to embryonic research, end-of-life rights and wrongs, using knowledge and science versus dogmatic scriptural interpretations, it’s all here. $29  

When Good Thinking Goes Bad by Todd Riniolo covers critical thinking (and the lack thereof) and brain processes from many angles, in plain language. This is an excellent introduction the those wondering what the humanist insistence on rational/critical thinking is all about, as well as a strong review of thought processes for would-be critical thinkers. $19  

Overcome your fear of physics while you satisfy your thirst for understanding through hands-on fun experiments to be done at home, thought experiments, and lots of easy history, charts, and cartoons. The Joy of Physics is really just that. Arthur Wiggins and cartoonist Sidney Harris teamed up for another entertaining journey to understanding the world around us. $28  

In   Deadly Decisions , Christopher Burns makes it plain that bad decisions are due to several causes, and, yes, those involved with making deadly decisions based on false knowledge are indeed at fault. With the Internet, there is more false knowledge than ever being swallowed whole by the gullible and not-so-ignorant. Critical thinking skills need to be used to avoid causing disastrous errors evidenced in the Titanic, Endeavor, Katrina. $27  

Physicist Victor Stenger, in Quantum Gods , continues applying critical thinking and the findings of quantum physics to point out the flaws in supernatural conjectures. When misrepresentations of quantum physics are used for misleading the easily mystified, who ya gonna call? No, call Vic. Better, buy his book. $27  

What's so Wrong About Being Absolutely Right , The Dangerous Nature of Dogmatic Belief by Judy Johnson, studies the mental mechanisms of personality and development with conclusions that dogmatic people are often troubled and troublemakers. How do some of us become dogmatic? $22  

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