No more political gerrymandering!

January 29, 2010

Join us in the fight for FairDistricts in Florida.

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how Florida’s representatives aren’t listening to the voters. It’s true--They’re not listening. Why ? Because they don’t have to. Why not ? Because they carved themselves “safe” districts—in other words, they’ve rigged their district boundaries to favor themselves. They literally picked the voters they wanted. Why ? Because they can. There are no rules regarding how the districts are drawn.

Until now. This November 2nd Floridians have a tremendous opportunity to vote YES for two Constitutional Amendments (ballot numbers 5 and 6), which will finally create fair and clear rules for drawing state legislative and Congressional districts. The people--Republicans, Independents and Democrats recognized this extraordinary opportunity for Floridians to take back fundamental control of their elected officials and signed over 1.65 million petitions to put these common sense changes on the ballot.

When these are in our constitution, maybe the representatives will start listening.

Please go to and join the campaign to tell the politicians that voters are fed up with crazy looking districts designed to accomplish a particular political result, not fairly represent the people!


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