Media and Public Appearances

CSI has had considerable success in placing skeptics on national TV and radio programs. Literally hundreds of guests have been placed on thousands of programs. This includes all of the major networks -- CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS -- and virtually all of the cable companies -- CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, C SPAN -- as well as National Public Radio, AP Radio, etc.

The Center for Inquiry International also serves as a resource for TV and radio worldwide; and has been visited by crews from Britain (BBC, "Nova," and "Horizon"), Japan, Brazil, Korea, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

The Center maintains a Council for Media Integrity and a rapid-response network to try to monitor programming and fight for balance in the media.

The Center for Inquiry International is also a valued resource for the print media. Virtually all of the major newspapers (the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, Le Monde, etc.) and magazines (Newsweek, Time, Scientific American, New Scientist, Nature, Science & Vie) have contacted CFI for information and interviews.

The Center maintains an extensive file of press clippings and TV and radio documentaries and programs.

The Center also sponsors media productions of its own. Inquiry Media Productions has produced radio and TV programs and plans to increase these productions in the future. CSI has produced programs in cooperation with the Discovery Network. CSH produces "The Humanist Perspective," moderated by Joe Beck, which has been aired in upwards of 30 program areas. Last, the Center for Inquiry-West maintains a National Media Center, whose purpose it is to provide guests and produce programs for the electronic media.

Additionally, experts with the Center for Inquiry participate in hundreds of campus and public lectures, debates, and conferences each year.