Global Climate Change Triggered By Global Warming

CFI's paper on global climate change, written by Stuart D. Jordan, Ph.D, offers compelling evidence from a large body of research that global climate change caused by global warming is already underway and requires our immediate attention. As the paper explains, the probability is extremely high that human generated greenhouse gases, with carbon dioxide as the major offender, are the primary cause of global warming and that this global warming will produce harmful climate change. The paper also points out, however, that much can be done now to mitigate the effects of global warming and the associated climate change. Difficulties in addressing the problem are not caused primarily by unavailable technology, but by the lack of sufficient incentives to implement the new technologies more aggressively.

 Dr. Stuart D. Jordan is a Senior Staff Scientist (Emeritus) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Dr. Jordan is a Rhodes Scholar and he has published dozens of articles in refereed scientific journals.

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