Understanding The Intelligent Design Creationist Movement

In this paper, Dr. Forrest provides an insightful analysis of the intelligent design (ID) movement. She demonstrates convincingly that the ID movement is simply a continuation of creationism. Proponents of ID have tried to obscure this connection by use of scientific fig leafs, but their "science" turns out to be nothing more than religious doctrine. Forrest describes in detail the ID movement's plans to obtain public and political support for its agenda. This paper is a must read for anyone interested in the evolution/intelligent design controversy

Dr. Barbara Forrest is a professor of philosophy at Southeastern Louisiana University. She is a recognized expert on the intelligent design creationist movement, having published numerous articles and a book on this topic. She testified as an expert witness in Kitzmiller v. Dover School Board, the landmark case in which a group of parents successfully challenged an attempt to introduce the teaching of intelligent design into the public schools.

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