Discussion Group

Organizers: Jim Dee

Held at Old Quarry Branch Library

7:00 pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month
(unless otherwise noted: please see calendar)

The objective of the CFI Austin Discussion Group is to promote and inspire the pursuit of knowledge and to foster goodwill between attendees. The discussion topics for each month are listed on the calendar along with the location of the discussion. Links to relevant articles, movies and web sites are also listed.

This Discussion Group is an opportunity to exchange ideas, vent frustrations and share knowledge while also getting to know fellow members. Unlike online chat rooms, this semi-formal, face-to-face environment will help attendees gain skills in conversation and improve their ability to present their point of view to others.

The Moderator will start the discussion by asking attendees to introduce themselves and where they stand on the issue to be discussed.  It is the Moderators job to make sure everyone has a chance to speak, there are no personal attacks, and that the group stays on topic.

This Discussion Group is open to EVERYONE. Nonmembers are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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