New Skeptical Cryptozoology Books!

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Ben Radford
March 08, 2011

2011 and 2012 will bring more skeptical books on monsters than ever before....

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Father Baker’s “Miracles”

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
March 07, 2011

Not so miraculous.

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Meeting Mr. Lincoln

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
March 04, 2011

What a likeable fellow!

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Religion is Not Really About Hope

It’s Only Natural with John Shook
March 03, 2011

When believers say that God’s heaven is so loving and consoling, don’t believe them.

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What Would You Ask Hitchens?

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
March 03, 2011

I'll be interviewing the famed journalist and author the evening of March 8 at Stony Brook University.

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You don’t need God—to hope, to care, to love, to live.

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
March 01, 2011

Millions of people have rewarding, fulfilling lives without religion

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Of Guns and Fetuses

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
February 28, 2011

These perennial obsessions of the Religious Right are assuming prominence once again

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Windermere “Monster”

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
February 25, 2011

Not likely a leviathan.

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Join CFI in Demanding the Release of Malawi’s Jailed “Witches”

Reasonable Doubt with Derek C. Araujo
February 24, 2011

Please help persuade the President of Malawi to release the dozens of mostly elderly women accused of "witchcraft."

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A Skeptic Visits a Spiritualist Church (and hears from his dead great aunt)

True North Strong & Free Thinking with Justin B. Trottier
February 23, 2011

Interested in spirit communication as on TV shows like Crossing Over? Let me tell about Canada's oldest spiritualist church!

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