Should Biology Textbooks Include “Biblical Myth” Language?

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
April 12, 2010

A Tennessee father is fighting to ban a textbook that refers to the Biblical creation story as a "myth." Does he have a point?

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Thank You Justice Stevens

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
April 09, 2010

A great jurist and defender of church-state separation retires

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How Global Warming Creates Monsters

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Ben Radford
April 08, 2010

Benjamin Radford reveals an interesting link between Bigfoot and global warming. From his upcoming book on the chupacabra.

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World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2010: A Celebration with No Substance

True North Strong & Free Thinking with Justin B. Trottier
April 06, 2010

CFI Canada's new Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism Sends Out Media Release

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The Fraud of Turin

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
April 06, 2010

The Shroud of Turin is still a medieval fake.

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Reflections in a Brooklyn Graveyard.

Dino from the Sands with Ibn Warraq
April 06, 2010

Do Humanists prefer cremation to burial?

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There is Objective Morality in Nature

It’s Only Natural with John Shook
April 06, 2010

Naturalism can accomodate objective morality, if you know where to look for it.

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Abortion: A Question of Women’s Rights, Morality—or Both?

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
April 05, 2010

Too often liberals defend abortion as a women's right without first making the moral and legal case for the procedure.

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Vatican Compares Criticism of Church’s Handling of Child Rape to Persecution of Jews

Reasonable Doubt with Derek C. Araujo
April 02, 2010

In Good Friday remarks, a senior priest compared the uproar over sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church to anti-Semitism.

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Atheist Money Is Terrifying

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
April 01, 2010

We have made some progress, but we still have a long way to go

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