Indiana Senate Hates Science, Loves Jesus

by Dren Asselmeier
January 26, 2012

Anti-evolution/pro-creationism bills are popping up in 2012. 

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The Mayan Calendar, 2012, and Doomsday: A Primer

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Benjamin Radford
January 25, 2012

It's no secret that the ancient Mayans (as opposed to the modern ones, some of whom work in offices and use cell phones) had a famous calendar that "runs out" in December of this year. Just what that means--if anything--is the question. Does it hold any particular significance for Doomday, the Apocalpyse, or Armageddon? Here's a (very) short primer on the Mayan calendar.

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Poland fines pop music star for blasphemy

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
January 23, 2012

Poland has fined Doda for stating in an interview that the Bible is full of "unbelievable tales" that are hard to accept because "it's hard to believe in something written down by someone drunk on wine and smoking some kind of herbs."

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Bozo School of Politics

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
January 20, 2012

Newt, Mitt, and Rick

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Center for Inquiry Urges Indiana Senators to Drop Creationist Bill

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
January 19, 2012

CFI has written to the ten members of the Indiana State Senate Committee on Education and Career Development urging them to withdraw or oppose a bill that would allow school boards and other authorized educational administrators "require the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life, including creation science, within the school corporation."

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Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
January 18, 2012

Among evangelicals it is common to ask, in a situation, What Would Jesus Do? (sometimes shortened to WWJD?). However, evangelicals being a politically conservative lot, it is well to ask, just how much in agreement would Jesus be, regarding their stance on some of today's controversial issues? In other words, we know they are right (even far right), but are they right with Jesus? Here are some answers.

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Why skeptics should embrace political advocacy — and how they can do it

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
January 16, 2012

An essay form of the talk I gave at SkeptiCamp NYC 2011, on why skeptics should get more involved in the political process, and how they can do it.

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More on Hosanna-Tabor

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
January 13, 2012

The U. S. Supreme Court's curious decision in Hosanna-Tabor endorsing an amorphous ministerial exemption against Federal employment law leaves me conflicted. As a secularist, I regret any court finding or legislation that broadens religion's power vis-a-vis a secular polity. Still, as I understand the First Amendment and its unique religion clauses, the Supremes probably did the right thing -- though I wish the Justices had found a way to do it that seems less certain to catalyze a tsunami of new employment litigation.

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Blogs Are Valuable and Enrich the Discourse, Says Study. I Agree.

by Debbie Goddard
January 12, 2012

Some commenters say they’re tired of skeptics and freethinkers talking about sexism and privilege; some accuse and of being echo chambers and commenters of being “ditto-heads” (a term I’d never seen before). In my own organization, there are a few individuals who downplay the value of the skeptic/freethought blogosphere instead of seeing it as a valuable space for getting feedback, evaluating interest, building connections, and impacting attitudes, among other things.

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And another thing, Tebow…

Hollywood Reality Check with Jim Underdown
January 12, 2012

Let's get something straight football fans.

A recent poll revealed that 43% of those asked thought that God helps Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow win.

He (God) does not.

God, almost certainly, does not exist.

Hold on, believers, there's another point here!


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