Stephen Colbert on Salazar v. Buono Cross Case

Reasonable Doubt with Derek C. Araujo
October 14, 2009

A recent Stephen Colbert segment skewers Supreme Court Justice Scalia's comments during oral argument in Salazar v. Buono.

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Dawkins Inspires Us to Be More Visible in the Community

Freethought from the Heartland with Reba Boyd Wooden
October 14, 2009

Attending a Richard Dawkins lecture inspired us to become more visible in the community promoting education and service.

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New Shroud of Turin Claims

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Ben Radford
October 13, 2009

An Italian scientist and his team claim to have replicated the Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus

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Burn Your Burqas! Should the Burqa Be Banned?

Dino from the Sands with Ibn Warraq
October 13, 2009

As France and Italy debate the possible banning of the burqa, liberals wonder if such a ban is consistent with religious freedom

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Health Care Reform Proposals Would Pay Christian Scientists to Pray

Reasonable Doubt with Derek C. Araujo
October 13, 2009

Christian Scientists want prayer-based "healing" to be covered by health insurance.

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British Apology to Codebreaker

Investigative Briefs with Joe Nickell
October 12, 2009

British Prime Minister apologizes for mistreatment of late codebreaker.

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Would the Whole Earth Catalog offer a Nuclear Power Plant?

It’s Only Natural with John Shook
October 12, 2009

Founding environmentalist now favors nuclear power to save the planet.

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Bill O’Reilly Dazzles with Dawkins

Out of My Skeptical Mind with D.J. Grothe
October 10, 2009

An impressive diplay of interviewing skills when Richard Dawkins recently appeared on FOX News' O'Relly Factor

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Obama the secular humanist savior?

Out of My Skeptical Mind with D.J. Grothe
October 09, 2009

According to the National Republican TrustPAC, the "secular humanist" Nobel Prize Committee believes in Obama as kind of Messiah

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Celebrity Rape and Justice

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
October 08, 2009

Polanski should receive his next award in prison

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