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Consistent with CFI’s mission, Free Thinking offers uninhibited, unsparing, and provocative observations and insights on a variety of topics of interest to CFI and its supporters—including the supporters of CFI’s two principal affiliates, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism.

Bloggers include members of the staff of CFI and its affiliates and prominent bloggers who have been invited to post on Free Thinking. Regular contributors include Joe Nickell, Ben Radford, Paul Fidalgo, Michael De Dora, Tom Flynn, Jim Underdown, Reba Wooden, and yours truly (well, we didn’t say all the posts would be of high quality). Other staffers will appear frequently with guest posts.

Although all the bloggers will be posted together under Free Thinking, several bloggers will have their own individually titled blogs that can be accessed from the main page of Free Thinking, so if, for example, you want a strong dose of investigation, you can go directly to Joe Nickell’s entries. All blog posts will also be searchable and sortable by individual.

Now for some unavoidable legalese: As indicated, we want our bloggers to be opinionated and candid. To ensure frank and open discussion, the content of the blogs will not be discussed with the management of CFI and its affiliates prior to posting. Accordingly, the viewpoints expressed on Free Thinking are the viewpoints of the individual blogger only and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of, nor should they be attributed to, CFI or its affiliates, or any of their directors or officers. CFI and its affiliates disclaim any responsibilities for statements set forth in the blog. Similarly, any comments posted by visitors to the blog are solely and exclusively the responsibility of that visitor. CFI and its affiliates disclaim any responsibility for such comments. Comments are not screened prior to posting. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CFI and its affiliates do reserve the right to remove comments that are considered obscene or potentially defamatory under prevailing legal standards, serve no significant purpose (e.g., comments consisting of a string of nonsense words or derogatory terms), convey threats, or appear to be made by individuals assuming false identities.

Free your thinking! Check in on our blog and register your own views. You may be pleased or annoyed—but I don’t believe you will remain indifferent.

—Ronald A. Lindsay, President

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Free Thinking is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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  • Credit is given to the Center for Inquiry and the individual blogger
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