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Amy Winehouse Finally in Rehab

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Ben Radford
July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse, the London singer who died last week and famously sang that she wouldn't go to rehab, is finally in rehab. It's too late for Winehouse, of course, but her image has been in rehabilitation mode since news broke of her death. 


UFOs Videotaped Over London?

A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper with Ben Radford
July 04, 2011

I recently provided an analysis of a UFO video that was allegedly shot in London, England. The piece appeared on CBS News, Fox News, Yahoo News, The Free Republic, and elsewhere. Reactions to my UFO video analysis were interesting: Many people thought I was obviously wrong; some thought I was obviously right, and a small handful gave compliments. Such is the life of a professional science-based investigator.