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On mission drift, and the gap between theory and practice

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
May 09, 2013

Some thoughts on Greta Christina's recent blog post discussing the issue of whether it would be "mission drift" for atheist and skeptic organizations to engage in social justice activism.


No Flag Large Enough to Cover the Shame - Guest Post from Dr. Avijit Roy

Democratic Discourse with Michael De Dora
May 01, 2013

On May 2, CFI and other organizations will take part in protests around the world against the persecution of atheist bloggers and other dissidents in Bangladesh.  

Dr. Avijit Roy is a Bangladeshi writer perhaps best known for founding, a website for freethinkers of Bengali and South Asian descent. Over the past several weeks he has been an extremely important contact for the Center for Inquiry, providing us with critical updates regarding the situation in Bangladesh, and connecting us with people in Bangladesh who are in need of assistance. The following is a guest post from Dr. Roy, originally posted at his blog.