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We Should Not Evaluate Teachers Based on Student Test Scores

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
April 15, 2015

We at the Center for Inquiry don’t typically address how best to evaluate teacher performance, but we are an educational institution. Moreover, we’re an institution that is committed to basing public policy on sound science. Using student test scores to determine teacher pay or whether a teacher should retain a job is a policy not based on science, but rather politics and deceptive intuitions.


Hemant Mehta Did Not “Endorse” a Hate Forum

No Faith Value with Ronald A. Lindsay
April 09, 2015

As I’ve announced, I’m leaving CFI in December. Wish I could say that in the seven years I’ve been with CFI as president, the level of discourse in the atheist/skeptic community has improved. But I can’t say that. If anything, it may have become worse.