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Opposing School Vouchers in Indiana

Picture by Susan Lantzer.

Freethought from the Heartland with Reba Boyd Wooden
March 25, 2013

On Tuesday, March 19, members of CFI-Indiana joined Indiana Coalition for Public Education and other organizations for a rally against school vouchers at the Indiana State House.  The following day, I sat through nearly 4 hours of testimony supporting the bill to expand the already problematic voucher program in Indiana before the opposition got its turn to testify.  Each speaker (from both sides) was only allowed 5 minutes to state his/her case.  When I got my turn, I first felt the need to correct a person who had missused a word earlier making his statement the opposite of what he meant and then got to give less than half of my prepared speech.  However, my former student on the Senate Education committee was a model student and took my printed speech, left the room, copied and stapled copies for each member of the committee, and passed them out.  Here is my prepared speech: (I borrowed extensively from CFI's position paper on school vouchers. )