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In Praise of Falling Birth Rates

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
March 26, 2012

A recent column by Froma Harrop makes a point I've repeatedly alluded to in FREE INQUIRY -- the demographic contraction that comes from years of falling birthrates is not only survivable, but could portend a more pleasant and sustainable future.


Zelig Was a Woman: Meet Freethought Campaigner Lucy N. Colman

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
March 08, 2012

As we observe International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, it’s worth remembering one of nineteenth-century America’s most active – and best-connected – freethinkers. Lucy N. Colman (1818-1906) was the Zelig of the Golden Age of Freethought. She contributed to every reform cause of the day and touched the lives of the time’s most noteworthy freethought activists.