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Praying for Rain? Really, Secretary Vilsack?

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
July 19, 2012

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack told reporters at the White House that he is praying for rain to end the drought parching 61 percent of the United States. But it sends the wrong message to distraught farmers when the Agriculture Secretary suggests that the best response is to pray.


For the First Time, Most Would Vote for an Atheist President

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
July 18, 2012

Yes, hell HAS frozen over. Gallup reports that for the first time since 1958, a majority of American respondents said they would vote for a generally well-qualified atheist for president of the United States.

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Charitable Giving to Religion Declines in 2011

Advocatus Diaboli with Tom Flynn
July 13, 2012

After years of growth in the number of Americans who don’t attend church or don’t declare a religion, it had to happen. U. S. giving to churches and religious organizations actually declined in 2011. What’s more, it has declined in three of the last four years.