Love Labyrinths

May 22, 2013

A friend of mine is getting married next weekend and she wants to have the ceremony in a labyrinth. She asked me to write a short piece about a love labyrinth...

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My Prediction of the Cleveland Abduction Situation, and the Tragic Failure of Psychics

May 09, 2013

In 2009 I predicted the recent Cleveland abduction situation, or one very much like it. 

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Skeptical Commentary Following Tragedy: Exploitation or Education?

May 08, 2013

Recent tragedies such as the Boston marathon bombing and the horrific case of three women rescued in Cleveland brought skeptical commentary highlighting the failure of psychics. However some people feel that skeptics should not comment on such events because it smacks of exploitation.

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The Biography of America’s Lake Monster

April 25, 2013

A review of The Untold Story of Champ: A Social History of America's Loch Ness Monster, by Bob Bartholomew. 

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Trance: Trainwreck from a Trainspotting Director

April 14, 2013

Trance is not inherently a bad movie; it’s just one of those movies where the longer it went on, the less I cared who lived, who died, or whether anyone found that damned painting. 



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The Scope of Skeptical Activism: A Personal Story   Part 2 of 2

April 02, 2013

What should the scope of skepticism be? There are countless causes I support, including environmentalism, feminism, animal protection, social justice, exposing hypocrisy, science communication, media literacy, and others. But I rarely tackle these issues under the banner of skepticism. Here's why.

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The Scope of Skeptical Activism: A Personal Story Part 1 of 2

March 13, 2013

I'm best known for my skeptical investigations and research into paranormal subjects. It's not surprising that people tend to focus on that, since those are weird, sensational claims, but that's only a small part of my work. Here's a look at the broader scope of skeptical activism from my personal perspective.

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Film review: Oz the Great and Powerful

March 08, 2013

At a reported cost of $200 million to make, Oz the Great and Powerful is a much better exercise in direction and production design than screenwriting. 

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Noah Nez, The Native Skeptic

March 05, 2013

I first heard about the Native Skeptic from Desiree Schell, the host of the Skeptically Speaking podcast. She mentioned a writer named Noah Nez who blogged about skepticism within the Native American community. He's been a columnist for the Skeptical Briefs ever since. 

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Being ‘Over It’-And the Lack of Charity

February 19, 2013

On being "Over It," and the lack of charity in discourse. 

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