Scientism, the limits of science, and religion

January 30, 2016

Here's a penultimate draft of a forthcoming book chapter. Alister McGrath is one of my various targets. Dawkins is discussed too.This includes and extends a previous post.

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Milbank vs Law on God: Blood on the Carpet

January 18, 2016

Prof John Milbank and I exchange blows on God. We did not pull our punches.

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The Tapescrew Letters (part 2)

January 08, 2016

Continuing from the previous blog post.

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The Tapescrew Letters (inspired by C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters)

January 08, 2016

Here's something from a while back, in case you missed it (been posted elsewhere before). Letters from a senior to a junior Guru in a new religious movement. I aim to expose the methods by which people become ensared by cults.

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Short podcast on god and science that will be basis of a CFI animated short

January 02, 2016

Audio recording of myself that will form the basis of a short video for CFI animated by Steph Hope.

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John Gray’s awful review of Dawkins’s “An Appetite for Wonder”

December 29, 2015

John Gray has a review of Richard Dawkins's An Appetite For Wonder at New Republic here. I review Gray's review here.

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Animation script - for comments please

December 17, 2015

Here's a short animation script - for comments please.

Some suppose reality is divided by a veil. On this side of the veil is the natural, observable world. Beyond the veil lies another realm - of ghosts and spirits, angels and demons, and of course gods. These beings are supposed to inhabit an unobservable, supernatural realm that science can't touch...

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How should the religious and atheists approach each other in discussion? Five morals.

December 14, 2015

Conclusion of a forthcoming chapter in a book (editor by others) on this theme.



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Many God beliefs are empirically confirmable and refutable

December 07, 2015

The theologian John Milbank will be responding in a sort of back-and-forth over at the IAI website in January. This is a preview of my first post.

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