What’s wrong with Young Earth Creationism? (part 3 of 3) The strange case of the car-stealing elves.

December 05, 2014

A final post on Young Earth Creationism. So when is your theory strongly confirmed? And when are you justified in believing elves stole your car?

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The Vision Thing and the Tinfoil Hat (post 2 of 3 on Young Earth Creationism)

November 03, 2014

How the strategy of explaining all evidence against what you believe can have soke interesting psychological effects. Start making that tin foil hat now...

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‘But it Fits!’ (What’s wrong with Young Earth Creationism - post 1 of 3)

October 25, 2014

Why the way things 'fit' together can sometimes be misleading. We start with the strange tale of a puddle sitting in its hole....This is the first of three related posts on Young Earth Creationism.

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Open Letter To Karen Armstrong on ‘The Myth of Religious Violence’

September 29, 2014

An open letter to Karen Armstrong on her Guardian article ‘The Myth of Religious Violence’. I invite Karen to either come out as a Secularist with a capital 'S', or come up with a better argument.

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Are Religious Rights and Freedoms Being Trampled?

September 09, 2014

Some religious people suppose that certain laws or rules that bind others should not bind them. They should be exempt on religious grounds. So, for example, in the UK a Christian employee of an airline claimed she should be exempt from a company dress code that prevented her from publicly displaying a crucifix. Christian hoteliers have maintained they should be exempt from anti-discrimination laws requiring that they not refuse same-sex couples double rooms. In the US, a photography company has argued that it should be exempt from the law requiring it offer the same services to same-sex couples as other couples wanting their occasion filmed.

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