Is Political Interference with Science Continuing under Obama?

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July 12, 2010

Despite the President's promises to protect scientific integrity, some report a culture of politics trumping science.

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Florida Supreme Court Denies Review of Council for Secular Humanism Legal Victory

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July 09, 2010

The Council's suit against state funding of sectarian prison drug rehabilitation programs may finally proceed to trial.

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Supreme Court Rules Christian Group Can’t Demand Funding while Violating Non-Discrimination Policies

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June 28, 2010

The Supreme Court ruled that religious student orgs that violate non-discrimination policies cannot demand public funding.

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CFI Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Question Kagan on Religious Liberty

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June 25, 2010

CFI urged the Committee to determine Kagan's views on taxpayer funding of religious orgs, exemptions from civil rights laws.

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Message to Congress: Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Junk Medical Research

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June 23, 2010

The US government could save $240 million - and improve biomedical research - by eliminating funding for alt med research.

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Live Blogging of Closing Arguments in CA Same Sex Marriage Case - Wed., June 16

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June 15, 2010

Interested CFI supporters may follow closing arguments via live blogging; video cameras have been barred from the courtroom.

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CFI Publishes Position Paper Criticizing Government Funding of Acupuncture

June 08, 2010

CFI argues that government funding of discredited acupuncture therapy lowers standards of care and degrades respect for science.

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“Gay Exorcisms”: Free Exercise of Religion, or Child Abuse?

June 08, 2010

Some Pentacostal and Evangelical churches "exorcise demons" that "cause" homosexuality. Many who undergo exorcisms are minors.

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Texas Board of Education to Target Church-State Separation

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May 17, 2010

The state board of education that removed Thomas Jefferson from US history books now seeks to erase the Wall of Separation.

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Anti-Gay “Family Research Council” Co-founder Caught with Male Escort

May 06, 2010

George Alan Rekers, a longtime, prominent anti-gay activist, recently took a 10-day European vacation with a male escort.

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