Vitaly Ginzburg, Russian Nobelist and secular humanist, dies

November 09, 2009

Vitaly Ginzburg, vocal secular humanist and Nobel Prize winning Russian physicist, died yesterday

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The real meaning of the “Good without God” ad campaign

November 06, 2009

Austin Dacey chimes in about the subway and billboard ads some see as promoting atheism

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CFI’s Michael De Dora, Jr. appears on GritTV to debate “Religion on the Left”

November 03, 2009

On GRITtv, De Dora, Jr. and others debate the proper place of religion and spirituality on the Left

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Fun with the TV Ghost Hunters in St. Louis

November 02, 2009

A skeptic's review of the fun presentation by TV Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson at the University of Missouri

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Rev. Michael Dowd and The New Atheists as God’s Prophets

November 02, 2009

Rev Michael Dowd, friend of CFI, was recently diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. This is the one message he wants to communicate

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Should humanists provide the alternative to both atheism and religion?

November 01, 2009

Austin Dacey has interesting opinions about being good without God and organized humanism

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CFI’s Michael De Dora, Jr. quoted on Sean Hannity (Fox News)

October 21, 2009

Bus ads promoting nonreligious morality stirs up Fox News commentator Sean Hannity

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Quick Thoughts on the NPR “Bitter Rift” Story

October 19, 2009

What Barbara Bradley Hagerty got right, and got wrong, in the NPR story about Blasphemy Day, with additional thoughts

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Bill O’Reilly Dazzles with Dawkins

October 10, 2009

An impressive diplay of interviewing skills when Richard Dawkins recently appeared on FOX News' O'Relly Factor

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Obama the secular humanist savior?

October 09, 2009

According to the National Republican TrustPAC, the "secular humanist" Nobel Prize Committee believes in Obama as kind of Messiah

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