Armies of Pestilence

October 3, 2013

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Arab League member states collaborate on drafting a blasphemy law that expands jurisdiction to blasphemy practiced outside national borders. Living in Opposite Land, one official said:

The law does not interfere in any way with the freedom of opinion and expression which is well protected and guaranteed.    

Jim Downard in Spokane alerts his community that the godless are coming! Of course I'm referring to the CFI Summit this month!

And hey, remember that big ARIS survey about secular, religious, and spiritual college students? Well, at the Summit, Barry Kosmin will drop more new data, this time focusing specifically on we seculars. I can't wait! 

Shelley Segal is crooning with CFI-NYC tonight at something called Googie's Lounge. You kids. 

Tom Flynn hates being right (so he says, but I'm skeptical), at least when it comes to people starting to treat humanism like a religion:

Our religious-Right opponents are still out there, and they would like nothing more to exploit public confusion over issues like humanist chaplaincy to support their long-term agenda of pigeonholing all humanism, including secular humanism, as just one more creed. 

High school in Daphne, Alabama offers an Arabic language class, and everyone loses their minds because something-something terrorism. 

Man in India is arrested for duping people with claims of practicing "black magic." 

Bigfoot is found. Or furry people. Or...oh, who cares. 

Christianist TV personality Rick Joyner wants God to muster in his clouds on our behalf armies of pestilence; and they shall strike your children yet unborn and unbegot...oh wait, that's Richard II. Joyner wants God to send a regular army to take down Obama and his tyranny. Makes much more sense. 

Saudi Arabia blocks a website that supports the radical-crazy-revolutionary idea that women should be allowed to drive. 

Nones? Meet Nominals. Nominals? Meet Nones. Oprah, Uma. 

Actually, there are more Nones in Scotland than members of the Church of Scotland. 

A man who was a victim of sexual harassment by a priest catches him with a "sexting sting." 

Leonard J. Kerpelman, who argued the milestone case Abington School District v. Schempp, dies at 88.

Quote of the Day

Gad Saad at Psychology Today opines against blasphemy laws: 

The bottom line is that we should all go about our lives trying to be polite, respectful, and kind to one another. That said irrespective of one's religious belief system, no one has an unalienable right from being religiously offended. One cannot discriminate on religious grounds (e.g., an employer refusing to hire an employee because he is a scientologist) but everyone is allowed to criticize, analyze, or mock any religion in the most forceful of manners. Such are the guarantees of a free society. Once we give up this right, it is a very quick path to totalitarianism. 

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