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October 9, 2013

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Claudia Dreifus interviews Bill and Melinda Gates for NYT, and it's really quite interesting, but she clearly doesn't understand what Richard Dawkins means about "the selfish gene":

Bill Gates: I gave [Warren Buffett] a copy of “The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” which is the Adam Smith book that predates “The Wealth of Nations.” It’s got the idea that generosity is sort of this inherent characteristic of mankind.

C.D.: So you don’t hold with Richard Dawkins about the “selfish gene”?

B.G.: Well, I believe in most things Richard Dawkins says. 

Adam Frank discusses one of the ways the shutdown harms science, the loss of ability for students at all levels to train. "In science, you don't get to skip a generation."

University of Michigan researchers are set to do a big study on how religion affects health. The big funder? Try not to be bowled over: The Templeton Foundation.

American Atheists wants the police department of Montgomery, Alabama to nix its pastor-employing “Operation Good Shepherd” program. 

Help out Keeper of the Skeptic Tools, Tim Farley, as he rounds up all the skeptic podcasts. 

Mary Eberstadt at Big Questions Online ponders whether religion really is on the decline, and seems to favor the idea that Christianity, at least, "waxes and wanes" rather than being on the outs. 

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly covers prayer at government functions, which the Supreme Court will soon be tackling. 

Answers in Genesis tells New York City that atheists are wrong

A new poop pill might save your guts. CFI chief Ron Lindsay is a little obsessed with this on Twitter:

Just remember: a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down . . . May have to revise saying "not worth shit" -- Shit actually saves lives.

Is Earth prepared to defend itself against an alien invasion? Haha no

An insidious "clinical screening" at Gulf state airports is announced to keep LGBT folks from entering. Like gaydar, but 100% evil.

The Vatican doesn't want the new pope to be too inspirational, and asks its bishops not to reform any more than the pope himself does. 

Considering packing it all in and leaving civilization behind, because it's just all so hopeless, but not quite sure you have the druthers to go through with it? Read this article about all the things Americans don't know, and that should get you on your way. 

Might we be seeing the rise of Debt Ceiling Truthers

Quote of the Day

Tech guru Anil Dash:

Conspiracy theories are just fan fiction that's motivated by fear instead of love.

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