Rockin’ Around the Green Hairy Claw

November 22, 2013

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Reba Boyd Wooden of CFI-Indiana is interviewed at length on the subjects of nonbelief and agnosticism at the Indianapolis Recorder, the areas largest African American-focused paper. 

CFI's Joe Nickell posts his thoughts on the death and "sad legacy" of fake-psychic Sylvia Browne, writing, "Some might say I helped drive nails into Sylvia’s coffin, and if that is true I accept full responsibility." 

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention: Husbands and wives as equal partners in marriage, in which there are "wives who aren’t submitting to their husbands," is a "false gospel." 

This looks pretty cool: NY Mag does a special on political conspiracy theories.  

Former CFI-er and longtime ally at IHEU, Matt Cherry, moves to lead the nonprofit group Death Penalty Focus. 

TED Radio Hour at NPR does a series on "believers and doubters." 

Pew rounds up various religions' positions on end-of-life issues (I would guess for most of our constituency we come closest to the UU position, minus the word "faith"). Cathy Lynn Grossman breaks down some of Pew's data.

The Chattanooga City Council approves full insurance benefits for domestic partners. 

Humans of New York asks one human to explain the Flying Spaghetti Monster (sauce be upon him):

It's a semi-serious, semi-parody religion. If you substitute the word 'Spaghetti Monster' for the word God, it exposes religion to critical thinking. Because of the cultural reverence for the word 'God,' so much of religion flies under the radar of critical thinking. But if you think about it-- the word 'God' is just a noise we make, just like 'Spaghetti Monster' is a noise. Both are placeholders for a concept, and neither is more valid than the other. The whole point of the Spaghetti Monster is not necessarily to say that God isn't real, but to point out the flaws in our conceptualization of him. 

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who pioneered the microloan strategy to fight poverty, is in trouble in his home country of Bangladesh for his support of gay rights

At Nature, three scientists offer 20 useful tips for evaluating scientific claims for lay-folks. 

The president of Hobby Lobby, the "Christian" business that is being oh-so-religiously-oppressed by the fascist Affordable Car Act, draws up a Bible elective for high school, now being debated in an Oklahoma school district. Um, why? Dude, go away.

The Central African Republic's violence between Muslims and Christians reaches crisis levels, with 400,000 people internally displaced and 64,000 refugees. 

The Secular Student Alliance at UCSC is our On Campus Affiliate of the Week.

Extinct human precursor, the "Denisovans" of Siberia, may be an entirely new species of hominid.

ACLU bristles at a proposal to build a chapel in the Oklahoma State Capitol. 


Emanuella Grinberg at CNN writes on atheist weddings

A "menorah tree"? I think it looks like a green hairy claw.

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