We Are Becoming Billionaires of Energy

December 21, 2012

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So it's the big day, and so far, no rogue planets have smashed into Earth, and everything is just as wonderful, just as crappy, just as inspiring, and just as discouraging as it ever was. Some folks are no doubt disappointed, some relieved, some bemused. But I'll bet there's some of you who saw the arrival of today and were just a tiny bit spooked that maybe, juuuust maybe, that crazy Mayan Apocalypse thing was true. I mean, not me, of course. 

Did you get your Morning Heresy mug yet? Do you, at long last, have no decency? I just bought mine (yes, I had to buy one) now that I'm moved into my new place, and I really think it's going to complete my home. Get one as a last-minute gift for the heathen on your list.

Speaking of the holidays, The Morning Heresy will not be published Monday or Tuesday of next week (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), yes, even though I reject the divinity of Jesus and seriously doubt he even existed at all. 

Apparently, though, folks are really doing this HumanLight thing. Kimberly Winston reports:

“To help express the meaning of this holiday, we light candles, rather than curse the darkness,” Colucci read last weekend (Dec. 16) as he lit the candles for 70 HumanLight celebrants gathered in a New Jersey community center. “We light candles to symbolize lighting the way forward to a better future for humanity and for each other.” 

The piece features our own Tom Flynn's response to atheistic December holidays:

Nonreligious people make themselves disappear when they cling to a ‘me too’ holiday so as not to be seen with nothing special to do towards the end of December. We’d further increase our visibility by ignoring the holiday and pressing our employers to leave the office open on December 25. 

Apocalypse mania leads to school shutdowns over bomb threats and other fears. 33 schools closed in Michigan alone.

Reuters: Holy sites in Mexico get an influx of tourism for doomsday. Oh, and this:

"There is an explosion of consciousness through this," said Shambala Songstar, a gray-haired Californian musician who gave his age as "eternal." 
"We are becoming billionaires of energy. Opening to receive more light and more joy," he said.

Ron Lindsay's eye-opening post on atheist responses to Newtown, and the lack of accommodation for nonbelievers during tragedies, is bumped up to HuffPo. 

This is great stuff: Ben Radford recounts his maddening conversation with a paranormal TV show's producer about what the hell it means to actually investigate something. 

CFI Indiana is having another excellent civic day on February 9

Austin Dacey at Religion Dispatches discusses the persecution of atheists around the world, cites the work of CFI and the IHEU in bringing attention to the issue. 

Dan Merica at CNN.com looks at the divide among atheists over tactics during the War on Christmas.     

As right-wingers put their feet in their mouths over Sandy Hook, David Niose at Psychology Today seeks to distinguish between a statement of theology and one of bigotry. 

Psychic Friends Network stock is tumbling, no doubt the result of its own psychic shareholders who predict that this sham can't last. 

Texas state legislator proposes bill to protect teachers from violence. Oh wait, no, to protect their jobs from insane budget cuts. Nope, that's not it either. It's to protect them from the dangers associated with saying "Merry Christmas." Yep.

The Vatican says that gay marriage is like totalitarian communism

Pentecostal preacher-turned atheist Jerry DeWitt is interviewed at Malcontent's Gambit.

Jesus tortilla!   

Quote of the Day

From the Twitter account FakeAPStylebook

Christmas is the one time a year when you're explicitly allowed to print stories that lie to children. Don't waste it.
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