Very Like a Higgs

December 27, 2012

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CFI's boss Ron Lindsay and public policy director Michael De Dora are the guests on this week's Point of Inquiry"Mr. Science Goes to Washington." Who came up with that??

Point of Inquiry posts its top-ten science and reason books from the show's 2012 guests. 

Ray "Banana Man" Comfort debates with CFI-LA director Jim Underdown on the subject of God, justice, and reasons for existing. Over coffee!

The Archbishop of Canterbury argues for the church's relevance in the UK, despite complaints of its failure to modernize. 

Hemant is running a poll for best atheist billboard of 2012. Well, we certainly do enough of them, don't we? Among the nominees is the African Americans for Humanism ad, "You're One of Many." Go vote for it. 

Adam Lee likes all the billboards, thank you very much:

[Some say] that money spent on advertising is wasted, but I strongly disagree with that. Whether or not you support the specific way they're going about it, American Atheists' billboard campaign has a clear point: it's visibility. We can't assume that everyone who'd like to join the skeptical movement is already aware of us; in fact, we know that that isn't the case.  

Gary Marcus at The New Yorker suggests that science and academia change its incentive structure and encourage repetition and oversight to curtail fraud and sloppy science. 

Early next year, scientists at CERN say they will be able to say definitively that the particle they found was the Higgs boson:

The latest data we have on this thing we have been watching for the past few months show that it is not simply ‘like a Higgs’ but is very like a Higgs. 

An atheist chaplain comes on board at Stanford. 

Two big op-eds, one a "guest post" for Maureen Dowd and another by Michael Gerson, grapple with faith in a just God in the wake of the Newtown atrocity. Both, it seems to me, are based on a kind of resignation to circular logic, a kind of optimistic fatalism that frankly saddens me.

Kylie Sturgess rounds up the year's news with Sharon Hill on Token Skeptic

Zimbabwe has its own Loch Ness Monster, Nyaminyami

Joel Sappell tells of his experience in investigating the Church of Scientology for five years in the 1980s. 

Oh no. Naturopaths apparently embracing the old "four humours" theory of medicine. I am feeling an increase in my black bile. 

Breaking: Psychics failed to predict really anything for 2012. 

The CFI HQ in Amherst, NY collected a lot of goods at the Winter Solstice food drive. Well done, folks. 

Oliver Cromwell did not like Christmas

Quote of the Day

Jim Underdown rejects Ray Comfort's merciful God assertions:

He invented the entire system, so whatever happens is on him.

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