Saudi Religious Police vs. Dinosaurs

January 23, 2013

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NYT opens up a whole "Room for Debate" series on what, to me, is a dumb question, "Is Atheism a Religion?" Despite the dumbness of the question, there's some interesting stuff in there. 

Physicist Sean Carroll sits with Chris Mooney on Point of Inquiry to talk about "the particle at the end of the universe." 

Here's a bill you'll like. Dig H.Res.41.IH: "Expressing support for designation of February 12, 2013, as Darwin Day and recognizing the importance of science in the betterment of humanity."  

Former pastor who will later be going on trial for the murder of his first wife, just got convicted for the murder of his second

Tom Ehrich on "rejoicing in otherness." 

Tom Flynn asks, has humanity already blown it? 

Seth Kurtenbach, at the On Campus blog, writes about how NASA can inspire kids

Chris Stedman is interviewed for a video for MLK Day, and speaking as a hypothetical reader of Faitheist, says of himself, "Who is he? He's not that impressive." 

Meanwhile, Stedman and Conor Robinson take to HuffPo to announce a new partnership between the Pathfinders Project and the Values In Action initiative.

Sam Harris answers the question, "What should we be worried about?" with a warning about society's bad incentives:

We need systems that are wiser than we are. We need institutions and cultural norms that make us better than we tend to be. 

Mat Staver of Liberty Council is unhappy with the inauguration of this "immoral" and "dictatorial" president:

To swear on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible during the inaugural address is just really blasphemy to do that. Lincoln stood for principles completely different than this President stood for.

Zimbabwean sorcerer's house blows up

Activists object to the inclusion of the Vatican as an "observer" to the Central American Integration System. A joint statement from a coalition of feminist groups reads:

(The Catholic Church’s) concept of moral positions is deeply worrisome due to the repeated actions of the Vatican against the rights of women, gender equality and sexual and reproductive rights; they are trying to impose their moral concepts and norms on all of society.

At Free Inquiry, Greta Christina wonders why atheists are stuck in puritanism when it comes to sex and pleasure. 

Next week is Catholic Schools Week in Ireland, and Michael Nugent writes about parents opting their kids out of it

Megan Hall at Portland State's newspaper Vanguard declares, "2016 must be the election year of the nonbeliever." Hmm. 

Romulans or Klingons (using stolen Romulan technology, of course) decloak over the Washington Monument. 

At Rocketown, you can rock...or "rocke"...or rocket?...but you can't be cool with gays.

Documentary The Revisionaries, about the efforts of the Texas school board to gut science education, is coming to PBS

Quote of the Day

Economist reports that the Saudi religious police took down a dinosaur display in a mall, and regular Saudis mocked their authority with Twitter. One example:

"I confess," declared one penitent, "I saw a naked dinosaur thigh and felt aroused." 

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