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January 28, 2013

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Blasphemy-convicted blogger Alber Saber leaves Egypt while on bail, and unloads on the Egyptian powers-that-be in a new interview with Daily News Egypt

CFI boss Ron Lindsay is the guest on Skeptically Speaking, talking about the ethics of medicine, euthanasia, and what's to come in medical technology. 

Also in podcast-land, our own Michael De Dora is the guest on Meet the Skeptics writes about the goals of the "Heads Meeting" of skepto-atheist leaders. 

Free Inquiry is looking for your stories. No, not your Firefly-Harry Potter crossover fanfic, but, if you are a former believer, essays on why you are no longer an adherent of your old religion.  

Now how cool is this? Indre and Chris are going to do a live edition of Point of Inquiry in front of a big ol' audience, and their guest will be Steven Pinker. February 17 in Boston, y'all.

David French at National Review says the Bible bestows gun ownership rights. Andrew Sullivan is aghast, writing:

The great drama of the Passion requires absolute nonviolence in the face of even immense injustice.  

Iowa senator Tom Harkin won't seek reelection in 2014, which is significant for our movement as Harkin has been a proponent for the funding of alt-med. 

Prostitute-enamored, philandering Louisiana senator David Vitter introduces S.Res. 11: "A resolution expressing support for prayer at school board meetings."

Neil deGrasse Tyson pitches Congress on science as economic stimulus in a speech for the new  House Science & National Labs Caucus. 

Sneaky anti-science bill squirms into the Louisiana Indiana legislature. 

A Arizona new bill would require would-be high school graduates to recite an oath to the US Constitution, with a "so help me God" tacked on. Rebecca Watson says this is a stupid bill, not not atheist persecution

AU: West Virginia Mom tackles church-state violations at her kids' school. 

Kentucky man is harrassed after putting a stop to prayers at public meetings. 

CFI-DC's Melody Hensley guest posts at Friendly Atheist to invite folks to register for Women in Secularism 2

Here's video of Wafa Sultan at last year's WiS. Prepare to have your emotions rollercoaster'd. 

Just posted: The cover story from the Nov/Dec edition of Skeptical Inquirer on the subject that literally makes you want to scratch your head, and then maybe even rub it a bit, phrenology

Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, calls Scientology "one of the most brilliant and devious systematic brainwashing systems that’s ever been invented." 

NYT's Frank Bruni says the Catholic Church is screwing things up for Catholicism and its good priests. 

Darcy Cowan throws down the gauntlet: Prove your science literacy skills!!! 

The Atlantic looks at a book that reduces love to "micro-moment[s] of positivity resonance." 

The Express TribuneTalk about secularism in Pakistan, and you could get killed. 

Regis College at the University of Toronto offers a new course, “Responding to 21st-Century Atheism.”  

Brandon Gerbig, at the CFI On Campus blog, writes about how the University of Saskatchewan Freethought Alliance raised 1200 bucks for charity with hugs.

There was that one time I saw Dave Silverman trapped in a vending machine

Peter Berger says, "The new American secularism is in defense of the sexual revolution." Hmm. 

Help Kylie win an Ockham award!! 

Here's why cute things drive us crazy, maybe. 

Oregonians report sounds of a baby Bigfoot "separated from its mother." 

Wow. CBC of Montreal pretty much lets the idea that homeopathic vaccines work stand without challenge. 


Don't breathe bird poop

Quote of the Day

Alber Saber:

Religion is divided into dogma and jurisprudence; it should have nothing to do with politics. Religion is unrelated to who I should elect and no one should be saying vote for this candidate so that you go to heaven. A secular state is not blasphemy.  

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