You Have Died of Dysentery, Jesus

January 8, 2013

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HuffPo's Jaweed Kaleem explores the atheist take on death and lack of an afterlife, and talks to me and CFI-Indiana's Reba Boyd Wooden for some perspective. My quote's pretty fatalistic, but hey, that's me for ya. 

We're pretty excited about this one, folks. Point of Inquiry's got Phil Plait, talking the end of the world. 

The Verge: Kuwaiti activist Rashid Saleh al-Anzi sentenced to two years in prison for a tweet that "stabbed the rights and powers" of the country's emir. 

Get ready to be really angry: New children's book by anti-vaxxers presents measles as a fun adventure. 

Over 100 religious leaders in Rhode Island come out for marriage equality. Bishop of the Legion of Doom calls gay marriage in the state “immoral and unnecessary.”

Support builds for a White House petition labeling the Legion of Doom, I mean the Catholic Church, as a hate group

Not-atheist-but-not-at-all-religious-either new congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is sworn in not on a Bible, but on the Constitution. 

Speaking of which, PBS's Religion & Ethics Newsweekly looks at the religious makeup of Congress.

Billy Hallowell asks, "Who won the War on Christmas?" I ask, "The war is over already???" 

Presidents and potentates line up to kiss the ring of Billy Graham in a fawning book. 

Faith healer, fake-heal thyself

Sam Harris posts the inevitable clarification response to folks angry about the last thing he wrote. This one is on guns. 

If a UFO turns out to be a weather balloon, does it count as news? 

Oh, this is going to work out well: Indonesia looks to de-emphasize science education in favor of more religion.  

Holy crap - one in six stars has Earth-like planets?? 

Turns out I'm not the only one who doesn't like blog comments, 'cause neither does science. (h/t Jesse Galef) 

Quote of the Day

Liberty University's Johnnie Moore (yes, the QOTD is from someone at Liberty University) on how Jesus was actually really edgy:

I suggested recently to several astounded colleagues of mine that Jesus actually had to go to the bathroom, perhaps even on the side of the road between Capernaum and Jerusalem.

What tipped them over the edge was when I insinuated that Jesus, like almost every other human being living in the rural world in that time, might have even had dysentery on an occasion or two.

Someone said, “You mean that Jesus might have had severe diarrhea?”

“Yep,” I replied, “That’s exactly what I mean.” 

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