I’m Up All Night to Get Ouija

March 11, 2014

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Those plucky Senate Democrats, trying to change the conversation on global warming, were up all night to talk climate. But as Rebecca Cusey asked on Twitter, "What about to get lucky?" About which I L'd OL. 

Rita Swan warns of a nefarious bill quickly moving through Congress which would exempt anyone claiming religious reasons to opt entirely out of the health care law. Our Office of Public Policy has shot out an urgent action alert on this development, so get clicking.

This week's Point of Inquiry has a charming conversation between host Josh Zepps and Rebecca Goldstein, who you may have heard will be at Women in Secularism III

Ross Pomeroy at RealClearScience wants Discovery Channel to shed its pseudoscience:

So Discovery Channel is playing it fast and loose with facts, what's the problem? I argue, as the second most widely distributed cable channel in the United States and one that purports to be educational, they have an obligation to be truthful, or at the very least, to not willfully mislead.  

CFI-Portland is really rocking it with the Freethought Books Project. Way to go, everybody. 

Leo Igwe calls Ghana "a beacon of hope for humanism and freethought in the region" despite the powerful influence of religion there.

This "alliance" of Evangelicals thinks it can heal all manner of maladies through prayer, and some of them need some corpses so they can work on their resurrecting. I'm not even kidding. 

Jake Scobey-Thal profiles the danger that is Myanmar’s Ashin Wirathu, the "bin Laden of Buddhism."

Head Methodist bishop in New York ends trials against ministers performing same-sex marriages, which could open floodgates. 

Chris Stedman points out that atheists do not have the monopoly on gay-friendliness, saying, "Atheism is not an inoculation against prejudice."  

Sam Harris interviews Peter Watson, author of the new book The Age of Atheists.

That plane is still missing, which is horrifying, but of course now the "psychics" (who didn't seem to predict its disappearance in the first place) are here to help.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is interviewed by, well, everyone on Earth, including the wacky neighbor of tech columnists, David Pogue

NASA posts a bunch of wicked-cool space photos to its Flickr profile in Cosmos-celebration mode. 

A weird Ouija board experiment seeks crowdfunding

Quote of the Day

Friend-of-the-blog Rob Boston, interviewing about his new book at Religion Dispatches, gives a handy definition of "religious freedom," something many folks seem to have collectively forgotten lately:

[R]eligious freedom is a precious and noble concept—but it does not give you the right to control others or make moral decisions for them. Under religious freedom, you can worship (or refrain from worshipping) as you see fit. But you and your co-religionists are responsible for that. If what you are doing requires government “help” to promote, pay for or enforce your doctrines, chances are it’s not religious freedom. 

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