The Cruel and the Ridiculous

March 27, 2013

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The Nine heard arguments about gay marriage and California's Prop 8 yesterday, which weirdly included some speculation as to the fertility of the late senator Strom Thurmond.  

Crowds, protesters, and activists swarmed the capital, and CFI was there, too. CFI policy analyst Ed Beck got into a back and forth with a minister, and was photographed by the Washington Post, with Michael De Dora behind him. ("My face is melting," Ed told me.) Also, Business Insider featured a tweet from Michael on the most notable signage at the rally. His is the second one down.

CFI-Indiana's Reba Boyd Wooden (a media darling, let's be honest) appears on the Indianapolis ABC affiliate's news coverage of the case, and she guesses that the Roberts Court may not want to be remembered as being "on the wrong side of history."

Bad news: Indiana Supreme Court unanimously upholds the state's voucher program, clearing the way for more taxpayer money to fund religious schools. 

And: North Dakota goes off the reservation with extreme anti-abortion measures signed into law. 

Boing Boing picks up this kind of astounding story about how packages labeled "ATHEIST" are 10 times as likely to be lost by the USPS than those without.

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson just now realizes that the "nones" are on the rise, and chalks it up to an overall rejection of institutions like government and business. Because it couldn't just be about religion. (He also says the nones are varied and "confused.")

Alayna Ahmad at HuffPo clarifies Jesus's place in Islam

You don't need more ions in your water

John Kerry calls for the release of Iranian-American minister Saeed Abedini, detained by Iran.  

Headline of the Day: Doubtful News: "Are these North Korean hovercraft full of eels?" 

NYT: Math is hard, and that can mean trouble when it comes to justice

Kimberly Winston checks back in with Teresa Macbain, one year after coming out as an atheist. (As you probably know, she was a pastor, and then did communications for American Atheist, and now is chief of the Humanists of Florida, and is someone I have given smartphone buying advice to.) 

Can you guess what the most-viewed document on the FBI's website is?

Myanmar government imposes new curfews in the wake of increasing anti-Muslim violence. 

Man accused of witchcraft beheaded by a machete-wielding mob in Uganda.  

Janitor's mop sink or Muslim foot-washing thing??? Don't ask legislators in Tennessee. 

Chicago public radio station WBEZ covers the plight of the area's Latino atheists

Ken Ham prays for Hemant. Aw. 

AC Grayling reviews Frans de Waal's The Bonobo and the Atheist.   

Creepy quote of the day: R. Albert Mohler on the new head of his Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore:

He will be an outstanding president who will make Southern Baptists proud and who will make the enemies of Christ tremble.

Jeez, lighten up! 

Quote of the Day 

Best actor in the universe, Ian McKellen, at an LGBT event:

Every cruel religious leader, every religious politician or bigot who says something anti-gay should be ashamed. They are turning our kids onto the street when their parents listen to the ridiculous remarks that they make.

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