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April 9, 2013

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CFI submitted formal comments to the Department of Health and Human Services yesterday, urging the administration to stand firm against religious pressure to further weaken the contraceptive mandate. Here's the full letter (PDF).

Ron Lindsay slams the Catholic Church's resistance to contraceptive coverage as "a cruel joke":

HHS isn’t forcing the bishops or their followers to do a damn thing. But they simply can’t abide the thought that their purity might be ruined through some sort of remote contact with a woman who is taking a drug that, you know, affects her weird nasty parts. 

The latest Point of Inquiry has AC Grayling, who refutes religious arguments "with zest and humor."  

Sam Harris digs in, and at length attempts to deal with recent accusations of racism and "Islamophobia." 

Three more priests in Philadelphia are "permanently removed from ministry" for child sex abuse allegations.  

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, of the jailed-for-blasphemy Russian punk band Pussy Riot, talks to The Guardian:

In our case, the government wants us to recognise our guilt, which of course we won't do. I submitted the parole documents to show that they cannot break a person.

NYT: So you've got a paper that might be based on some, shall we say, bad science. Willing to pay a couple thousand bucks or more? Congrats! You're published in a "journal"! 

Chris Stedman tells the tale of Concordia College's secular students' long slog to getting a secular group recognized on this religious campus.

Buddhist mob wielding swords and machetes terrorize Muslims in Meikhtila, Myanmar, resulting in the deaths of at least 43.

Saudi women may now ride bicycles. Fully covered. Accompanied by a male relative. 

NYRB reviews two recent books lifting the veil of secrecy from the Church of Scientology. 

Rick Warren lost his son to suicide on Friday, and Cathy Lynn Grossman reports that in the midst of the sympathy, Warren is also getting a lot of crap from believers and nonbelievers alike. 

Camp Quest is barred from an Oklahoma restaurant where they were to hold a fundraiser. 

Self-described "ghostbusters" in New Zealand are busted themselves for burglary.  

Foundation Beyond Belief starts an Indiegogo campaign to fund the Pathfinders Project, a year-long overseas volunteer humanitarian initiative. 

Ben Radford reports that a new UFO documentary aims to prove the existence of wee little cute alien things. 

UFO "research" group convinces former Rep. Merrill Cook of Utah to sit on a faux-congressional panel to, I guess, hear the truth about aliens or something. 

Egyptian court rules that satirist Bassem Youssef's show need not be suspended following charges of blasphemy and criticizing the president. Yousseff himself is still in legal hot water. 

Christian students at Texas A&M will not have to pay full student activity fees so they don't wind up helping fund groups that are tainted with the gay. 

Leave it to an evil atheist to choose for Music Monday at the CFI On Campus Blog a song called "All Beauty Destroyed." Typical. 

The media is all hopped up about an atheist prison guard at GITMO who converted to Islam after long chats with the inmates. 

Secular Coalition chastises the Obama Administration for not addressing religious discrimination in hiring as the president extends the term of the faith-based advisory council. 

Quote of the Day  

This took some effort. Extremely thorough hoax is perpetrated concerning megapastor Joel Osteen becoming an atheist. Said Fake Joel Osteen:

[D]eep down in my heart, for a number of years now, I have been questioning the faith, Christianity and whether Jesus Christ is really my, or anyone's, 'savior.' I believe now that the Bible is a fallible, flawed, highly inconsistent history book that has been altered hundreds of times. There is zero evidence the Bible is the holy word of God. In fact, there is zero evidence 'God' even exists. 

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