I Hereby Declare War on Peace and Happiness!

May 22, 2014

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Kimberly Winston reports on the efforts of CFI and its interfaith coalition partners to keep a prayer plaque out of the World War II memorial, here at the Washington Post.

(Winston also interviews Zeke Piestrup, who has a new documentary film about Mr. Apocalypse himself, the late Harold Camping.) 

Here's a new visualization of an old problem: Atheists portrayed as jerks and weirdos on TV. Hmm.

Sure we back up data to the cloud, but what about our culture? Instead of a cloud, how about a moon

Spain loves Uruguay's president, the altruistic Jose Mujica, and guess what, he's an avowed atheist

Albinos in Tanzania are being killed by witch doctors for body parts. This is a real thing. 

Some young, hip Iranians do a video of themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy," and get arrested for it. Pharrell is not pleased. It kind of makes Iran seem like this guy, no?

Mathew Ingram at GigaOm looks at Twitter's practice of censoring content based on geography -- a fair compromise or violation of free speech?

Dale DeBakcsy critically reviews the book Supernormal, about "superhuman abilities," for Skeptical Inquirer

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who I've always liked, will speak at SCA's Lobby Day

Look out, here comes the "integrative pharmacy," here to confuse you. 

Unreal: 71 people, including priests, rabbis, Boy Scout leaders, and police, are rounded up by Homeland Security for being part of a child pornography ring

Apparently these anti-gay brothers had a house-flipping show on HGTV (my mother-in-law's network of choice, but she's just fine with gay people), and it turns out they think Satan is responsible for the Scopes trial, which of course led to abortion. (This piece also cite's Bill Nye's take on creationism's impact in Skeptical Inquirer.)

Julian Benson writes at Medium about how we humans might get our butts off this rock and build an "interplanetary transport network."

Montana's same-sex marriage ban is now being challenged.  

A summit for Women in Science Writing is still taking registrations, but I think they stop taking them tomorrow.  

Clergy Project co-founder Linda LaScola appears on the Malcontent's Gambit podcast. 

Globsters. Eeeuuuugh. 

Exoplanet astronomers find out the coolest things

Always good to pretend you're not home when the religious door-knockers come. Especially this one

Quote of the Day

John Dickerson is talking about the political climate, but I think we in skepto-atheism could take heed too:

One primary reason to despair is that we’re already living at peak outrage. Fake umbrage taking and outrage production are our most plentiful political products, not legislation and certainly not interesting solutions to complicated issues. We are in a new political season, too—that means an extra dose of hot, high stakes outrage over the slightest thing that might move votes. How does something get recognized as beyond the pale when we live beyond the pale?
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