The Tidy-Up God

May 9, 2013

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Well here's a thing. Jessica Ahlquist just won herself a First Amendment Award. Oh, let me clarify: She's won the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award.

You can't make this stuff up: Three folks found guilty of breaking into a National Security Complex, including an 83-year-old nun:

The trio spent about two hours inside the Oak Ridge facility in July, cutting through fences to reach a facility known as the “Fort Knox of uranium.” Once there, they painted slogans, chipped off a part of a wall with hammers and splattered human blood on the exterior.

Fake psychic Sylvia Browne has this to say about her being really, really wrong:

For more than 50 years as a spiritual psychic and guide, when called upon to either help authorities with missing person cases or to help families with questions about their loved ones, I have been more right than wrong. If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time. Only God is right all the time. 

Tom Flynn explores the crisis of sexual assaults in the military through the lens of gender integration:

I'm not suggesting that the abuse crisis demonstrates that women are incapable of serving alongside men. Far from it. No, I'm wondering whether this crisis reveals that military men (or at least a significant fraction among them) are unfit to serve alongside women.  

The latest edition of eSkeptic includes coverage of CFI's and other groups' protests against atheist persecution in Bangladesh. Britain's police chief is now looking to protect Bangladeshi political activists in the UK who are reportedly being targeted by radical Islamists.

Leah Libresco introduces us to a forum for atheist-Catholic dialogue: Strange Notions. The Vatican also holds an atheist-Catholic dialogue in Mexico!

WHO is now bearish on prospects for eliminating measels as anti-vax misinformation spreads. 

Rhode Island's Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is unimpressed by biblical arguments to do nothing about climate change:

[W]hy then, when we ignore his plain, natural laws, when we ignore the obvious conclusions to be drawn by our God-given intellect and reason, why then would God, the tidy-up God, drop in and spare us? Why would he allow an innocent child to burn its hand when it touches the hot stove but protect us from this lesson? Why would he allow a badly engineered bridge or building to fall, killing innocent people, but protect us from this mistake? 

Sgt. 1st Class Naida Hosan is not a Muslim, but has been harrassed for having a name that "sounds Muslim."

Dalai Lama to violent Buddhists: Stop it

Peter Boghossian is interviewed by Vanguard about creating atheists in this video

Ashutosh Jogalekar at SciAm tries to work out the real difference between a climate change "denier" and "skeptic." 

I just saw this, and I know it's old news to some of you, but...holy crap! PZ Myers hanging out with Ray Comfort while Jessica Ahlquist and Margaret Downey are fighting with bananas!!!! 

Joe Nickell graduates from Bigfoot School

Folks in Utica, NY are feeling are warm and fuzzy in the embrace of the area's two new saints

Pacific Standard wonders: What's up with these physicians using quack alt-med

Amy Frykholm at Religion & Politics writes that Hillary Clinton was a Secretary of State who uniquely engaged with religion in her on-the-ground work.

The pope says nuns should be "fruitful" as spiritual mothers and not "spinsters." I assume he also doesn't want them going near uranium.

Quote of the Day 

Yes, it comes from a member of the Catholic hierarchy. Milan's Archbishop Angelo Scola:

In those countries still dominated by state religion...protecting religious freedom means above all encouraging religious pluralism and opening to all forms of religious expression, for example eliminating laws that criminally punish blasphemy. 

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