Faking the Fake

June 21, 2013

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This has to be a short one, folks, as I'm about to get on a plane for CFI's Branch Leaders' conference. A super-secret cabal of godless masterminds, bent on, um, I think playing Dungeons & Dragons or something. With snacks. To the (very brief) news! 

Oh snap, guys, look at this! Skeptical Inquirer can now be gotten digitally! Here's the link to the Apple iOS Newsstand version!  

Ben Radford has a super-cool piece in Skeptical Inquirer on his sleuthing out a pseudoscientific plagiarizer

At Discovery News, Ben also laments that the woman who said she could survive on sunlight, water, and air alone isn't going back to food because she thinks she was wrong.

This feels backward: A fake psychic wins a lawsuit against the Daily Mail for calling her a fake psychic. 

A few days ago, NYT did a big profile of Judge Edward R. Korman, the guy who's making the FDA and the administration let women of all ages get the "morning-after pill" over the counter.

The Outcast of Beauregard Parish, the documentary about clergy-turned atheist Jerry DeWitt, hits its Kickstarter fundraising goal

The fire of the lord is a hot one. Hot enough to set a car ablaze.

A Wikipedia page appears for the worldwide protests for Bangladesh's imprisoned atheist bloggers, with images of CFI's demonstration. 

U.S. Immigration Services on that whole atheist-needs-to-join-a-church requirement: Never mind. 

Adham Sahloul at PolicyMic says the #MyJihad campaign, in which American Muslims promote the word "jihad" as a more benign internal struggle, is far-too-small potatoes. 

Perform miracles after death in the Catholic Church, you get to be a zombie. I MEAN SAINT. 

Quote of the Day 

Tony Blair, uncharacteristically, sees the recent butchering of a British soldier by Islamists, as evidence of a wider concern:

There is not a problem with Islam. For those of us who have studied it, there is no doubt about its true and peaceful nature. There is not a problem with Muslims in general. Most in Britain are horrified at Rigby’s murder. But there is a problem within Islam, and we have to put it on the table and be honest about it.

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