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June 5, 2017

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Due to the president's withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, we kicked off the next generation of Point of Inquiry earlier than we intended, because our first guest is the former head of the Sierra Club, Carl Pope, who also has an optimistic new book with Mike Bloomberg on climate change. Oh, and the host is me! Didn't see THAT coming, did you? Maybe you did.

Hey, why'd the Republican Party reject climate science, like, almost entirely, after it seemed to be coming around just a few years ago? Oh right:

What happened was clear. Republicans who asserted support for climate change legislation or the seriousness of the climate threat saw their money dry up or, worse, a primary challenger arise. 

Sarah Pulliam Bailey explores the foundations for climate change denial among evangelicals:

Evangelicals will often tell [climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe] things like “God’s in control,” “God gave us dominion over the Earth” or maybe “God told Noah he would never flood the Earth.” Oil was seen by some Christians in the late 1800s as God’s gift to the United States. But Hayhoe believes evangelicals’ political affiliations drive their attitudes more on climate change than their religious beliefs. 

Oh this must be insufferable: Amy Harmon at NYT looks at the challenges teachers face when discussing climate change with science-denying students

Britain remains resolute after yet another terrorist attack, and the government gets more militaristic, just as elections are about to take place.

Denmark FINALLY abolishes its blasphemy law.

We had a pretty firm response to the leaked executive order on religious exemptions from the contraceptive mandate in the ACA:

“This is precisely the kind of out-of-control religious privilege that we feared when Justice Alito handed down his legally flawed and politically motivated decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.,” noted Nick Little, CFI’s Legal Director. “If this draft regulation goes into effect, the rights of women to receive much needed zero cost preventive care would depend on the religious whims of their employer.” 

Carmen Celestini argues that conspiracy-thinking among the American right goes back way before Trump, and takes root in American Christianity and its persecution complex. 

Racists gather in Portland, Oregon to protest for their free speech or something outside the jail where the murderer Jeremy Christian is being held, and they're met by thousands of counter-protesters.

MJ Lee at has a big feature on Trump and the religious beliefs he sort of has.

Minnesota has 73 measles cases right now, more than the rest of the country as a whole, and it's all due to the relentless misinformation of anti-vaxxers.

Kentucky's governor wants to solve Louisville's violence problem with roaming prayer squads.

As CSICon 2017 approaches, Susan Gerbic discusses the GSoW Audio of Skeptics Project and how you can help augment skepticism's presence on Wikipedia with multimedia. (Rhyme not intended, but enjoyed.) 

Harriet Hall has some interesting thoughts on the relative usefulness of chiropractors, and offers a broader perspective on how we treat discomfort:

The symptoms of a cold will go away in a week with or without treatment, and any treatment that has symptom-relieving effects is also likely to have side effects. What if the doctor reassured the patient that nothing serious was going on, that it was only garden variety low back pain that wouldn’t last long, and that one option was to tolerate it rather than to treat it. 

Christian high school student Maddi Runkles, who was banned from graduation for getting pregnant, hits back in a Washington Post op-ed:

My school could have made an example of how to treat a student who made a mistake, owned up to it, accepted the consequences, and is now being supported in her decision to choose life. But they didn’t.   

The Indian man who wanted to be identified as an atheist and by the name RV155677820 has had his request rejected.

The full back catalogue of the science/sci-fi magazine Omni is now available to purchase through Amazon's Kindle store. 

Grilled meat might give you cancer. Happy summer, everyone.

Quote of the Day:

John Kerry, on Trump's claim that in pulling out of the Paris accord he can negotiate a better deal:

He's going to go out and find a better deal? That's like OJ Simpson saying he's going to go find the real killer.

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