Special Stomach Virus Edition

August 16, 2013

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So yesterday there was no Heresy because I was looking after my sick baby daughter. Well, the Heresy is late today because she was kind enough to lend me her stomach virus. The adventure continues. 

Now how cool is this? CFI On Campus does its first On-Air Session with campus leaders from across the country. Session 1 is on gearing up for the new school year. 

And there's lots more from On Campus. Karyn Spory at the Columbia Tribune highlights CFI On Campus affiliate MU SASHA for its recent Free Expression award from CFI.    

George Ongere of CFI-Kenya reports on his efforts to expose students to reason, science and secularism, and it's all very heartening:

Just as [a new] report published that atheism is becoming popular in Kenya due to intellectual aggression which is exposing the impoverishment of religion, the Center for Inquiry–Kenya has been doubling this effort to make sure that more and more on campus students get access to reading materials that give alternative views to religion. This has been done through continuous contact with the CFI team who do not tire to send literature to Kenya. 

Things are still terrible in Egypt, and today Islamists take to the streets in a "Friday of rage."

Jed Lipinski: Sue parents who don't vaccinate their kids because of autism paranoia for "threatening the herd." 

Susan Gerbic gives a sample of the important work she leads in improving Wikipedia for the sake of skepto-atheism.

What would the world be like if the chemtrails conspiracy theory were true? Well, there'd be 4 million planes per week in the air trying to kill us, for one. 

Joel Achenbach on the amazing new crypto-creature that everyone's talking about!!

The olinguito has the distinguishing feature of being real. It exists.  

Joe Nickell gets to the bottom of the alleged "human torch" baby in India, bemoaning, "the fires were not just acts of vandalism but attacks on a defenseless child."  

PBS to air "Life of Muhammad" documentary, which I'm sure no one will have a problem with. 

A coalition of religious groups lobbies the Senate with a "study" in order to get the ban on pulpit politicking rescinded. Please allow Michael De Dora to school them: "The real problem is that the IRS does not enforce the ban." 

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli would amend the state's constitution to allow for taxpayer-funded vouchers for religious schools. 

The California Supreme Court ends the legal battle for same-sex marriage in the state. 

Penn Jillette tells NYT what he reads, and it's a lot of atheist stuff.

Those Area 51 aliens? U2 planes. Sorry, guys. 

Spartanburg, SC soup kitchen rejects help from an atheist group, so they're doing care packages on their own

The CFI Institute (isn't it cool that we have that?) is offering a new course, "Pascals Wager and Christian Agnosticism." Check it out here.

"Fetal heartbeat" bill is set to make a comeback in Ohio. 

CFI-Northeast Ohio, on the bright side, will host Rori Berenson and Massimo Pigliucci at its awards banquet September 20.

Hemant tells you "everything you need to know" about the coming Supreme Court case on legislative prayer. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church elects its first female presiding bishop, Rev. Elizabeth Eaton. 

Marcus Mann argues that atheists may be overplaying the marginalized-yet-superior shtick

Miranda Hale perfectly captions this picture of Giant Jesus at the UN

Quote of the Day

This is kind of huge: One of the folks who stirred up the violence over the famous Danish Muhammed cartoon, Ahmed Akkari, now regrets his role:

[I] was totally wrong. At that time, I was so fascinated with this logical force in the Islamic mindset that I could not see the greater picture. I was convinced it was a fight for my faith, Islam.  

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