A Fatwa to Kill da Wabbit

August 30, 2013

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Christian research organization the Barna Group does a study on Amercians's perceptions of the Bible, which among other things finds that "antagonism" to the Bible is ticking up, and 54% agree that the Bible and politics "do not mix."

Saudi Arabia's cabinet passes a ban on domestic violence at home and at the workplace. 

Member of a Hare Krishna sect in Hawaii is arrested for threatening to behead Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. 

The IRS recognizes all legally married same-sex couples for tax purposes, regardless of the state in which they reside.

Federal appeals court backs California's ban on gay-conversion therapy.

Islamic clerics in India issue a fatwa, banning the viewing of all cartoons

Look out for Hurricane Marco Rubio! A new campaign aims to get storms named after climate change deniers. 

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At The New Atlantis, Adam Keiper and Brendan P. Foht opine against raising science above politics:

[Science's] authority is based in no small part on the perception that science is an objective, disinterested means of pursuing the truth. Elevating science to a position of political authority is bound to change that perception, and indeed to corrupt the scientific spirit of disinterested objectivity.  

At the same outlet, Alan Jacobs poses a question on politicians' general ignorance of things not taught in law school:

Political leaders around the world are making foreign policy decisions with very little knowledge of history or geography; economic decisions with limited training in economics; and scientific and technological decisions with almost no background in the STEM disciplines. Which of these deficiencies is most in need of being remedied? And how can political leaders best compensate for what they don’t, and often can’t, know?  

Study from the University of Southampton in England and the Humboldt University of Berlin suggest that too much religion in a society dampens the drive for financial success, thereby harming the economy. Tell that too the prosperity gospel hucksters!

Thanks to sequestration, a ton of US scientists are looking to do their science-ing elsewhere. U-S-A! U-S-A! 

Tim Farley names Google's Chrome as the most skeptic-friendly browser. (The Morning Heresy is put together in Chrome, but for totally unrelated reasons.) 

Faith-healing televangelism is big in Kenya

Trance-inducing fake psychic allegedly bilks a retired Florida (of course) teacher for $150,000. 

"Doctor" in the United Arab Emirates promotes a purported surge in popularity for homeopathy

Blue Ridge Christian Academy, the school that issued the infamous creationist "Dinosaurs and Genesis" quiz to students, is shutting down for lack of funds

You have sins you need to atone for. Take them out on this poor electronic goat

Charlie Sheen is now reportedly hunting for a shape-shifting otter, and...oh, never mind. 

Quote of the Day

I don't know if this sign outside an Episcopal church is real, but it's funny (and NSFW). God apparently has some feelings about the governor of Texas: 

Gov. Perry. God here. Go f*** yourself. Yeah, I said it.

Choir practice Wed. 7 P.M.

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