Blog on psychic detectives riles the believers—especially those who don’t read carefully

March 17, 2010

I recently wrote a blog for Discovery News titled, “MISSING PERSONS AND ABDUCTIONS REVEAL PSYCHICS' FAILURES”

And as I expected, it riled up the psychic believers. One responded to my blog with the following post:

Actually yhe stement is icncorrect: "there is not a single documented case of a missing person being found or recovered due to psychic information." here one from a group I participate in form the police chief in charge: "Thank you for all your help with our missing person in the City of Perry, Kansas. Our victim Mr. Shawn Fowler was found about an eight of a mile from his home. He was found at approximately 1345 hours on March 19,2009. He was found floating in the Delaware River within 100 feet of one of the GPS readings your team provided. The river had been searched a couple of times by boat and scanner with no results the day prior to the body coming to the surface. Part of the information we concentrated on was the area around a submerged tree as predicted by one of your Team members. I have shared your Team efforts with Deputies, Firemen and Medical persons who assisted in the three month long search. Again THNK YOU ... THANKS TO THE TEAM !!!! The Family now has closure! Respectfully: Ramon C. Gonzalez, Jr. Police Chief"

My heart sank as I read this! Could it be that I was wrong about this? Was there really a case as recently as last year when a missing person was found or recovered due to psychic information? Had I overlooked an important exception that would require me to reconsider my position on the topic? I spent a few minutes searching the Web, and then posted the following reply:

Good try, but you really should read more carefully. Missing man Shawn Fowler was NOT found by a psychic at all, but instead by a random fisherman:

"Jefferson County Sheriff's officials said Fowler was found about 3:36 p.m. Thursday by a man fishing in the Delaware River in Perry."