BP Oil Spill: Just Wondering Where the Psychics Are…

May 26, 2010

As I write this, we are well over a month into what is shaping up to be the worst oil spill in American history, and I have to wonder where the hell all the psychics are. I asked the same thing in a blog a few months ago about the obvious and glaring worthlessness of psychics in helping keep America safe from terrorism, and also in helping earthquake victims in Haiti. Every time an event of national or global importance occurs in which psychic power could prove itself useful in averting or minimizing catastrophe, psychics are conspicuously silent.

With thousands of self-proclaimed psychics out there, from $20 palm readers to high-profile media darlings like convicted felon Sylvia Browne, you'd think that some of them would care enough about others (not to mention the environment) to use their powers to help out. Why didn't at least one psychic come forward to warn the world about this disaster ahead of time? All those New Orleans psychics somehow missed this?

Even though the BP oil spill apparently took the world's psychics by surprise, perhaps they could focus their powers to guide us to the most effective way to stop the oil. Presumably one of the many solutions that are being tried will finally stem the flow of the toxic oil; a person who truly has psychic powers could do wonderful things by leading us directly to the correct answer. A real psychic would be a global hero, saving countless fish and wildlife in the Gulf, helping keep the oceans and marshes free of oily sludge, and potentially saving billions of dollars in economic damage.

To be honest, I'm surprised more people aren't asking the same question. Why is it that psychics are happy to tell your future about an upcoming romance or career change, but when it comes to genuinely important information about real things that could help real people and save lives, they have nothing to offer?

I don't think this is a snarky or unfair question; on the contrary, it is a perfectly legitimate, valid, and reasonable one to ask anyone who claims to be psychic. If psychics can see the future, why do tragedies like airplane crashes and mine disasters and massive oil spills come as a surprise? Surely out of the thousands and thousands of self-proclaimed psychics, at least one would be able to reliably and consistently give accurate, valid information?

I believe that people who claim to have psychic powers should be asked—after each and every accident , tragedy, and national disaster—to publically explain why they failed to warn the world and save innocent lives.

Still, if psychics can't or won't help locate abducted children—even those who have been repeatedly raped and confined for nearly 20 years, like Jaycee Dugard—then I guess we can't expect that they will do more than remind us that Grandma loves us.