CFI’s Michael De Dora, Jr. quoted on Sean Hannity (Fox News)

October 21, 2009

The Center for Inquiry is part of a coalition sponsoring ads promoting sexular morality in the New York City subways.

Fox News conservative commentator Sean Hannity calls the ads "curious" because they say you can live a "great life without God." He quotes Michael De Dora, Jr., who heads up CFI's branch in New York City:

A million of us have found or created natural morality and lead good, productive and meaningful lives without appeal to religious dogma or God.

And then Hannity asks "Can you imagine the outrage if a Christian group put pro-God ads in the New York City subways? What outrage!"

In fact, Christian groups have put pro-God as in the New York City subways for years, as have Muslim organizations, as reported by none other than Fox News last year: Radical Imam Promotes Pro-Islamic Ad Campaign to Run on New York Subways .