CFI’s Michael De Dora Jr. Pushes Secular Humanism on FOX News

July 31, 2009

Michael De Dora Jr., second from right, on the Fox News show “The Strategy Room”

Today on the Fox News show "The Strategy Room," which is streamed live daily, CFI's Michael De Dora Jr. defended a secular humanist and skeptical position that I think it is safe to say is not often heard on that network. In a segment hosted by Father Jonathan Morris called "God Talk," De Dora made a number of points:

  • that he is an atheist but that the term "atheist" only describes something he doesn't believe in (God) and not what he does believe in
  • that he believes in a whole range of values best described as "secular humanism"
  • that most people are humanists and just dont know it
  • that even though he's left religion behind, he's still a good, moral human being
  • that many religious people and most nonreligious people agree on many values, and shoudnt only ever focus on their differences
  • that religion should be debated in the public square more, and not less, against the prevailing wisdom that religious belief should be a "private matter"

When Father Jonathan Morris talked about the negative connation that the terms "atheist" and "skeptic" have in society, De Dora conceded the point, but furthered it by arguing that this is precisely why nonbelievers should "come out of the closet" because there is no reason for these terms to have negative connotations. 

An especially memorable moment was when the topic turned to the "sanctity of life." Michael suggested that when considering end of life decisions, that quantity of life should not be the goal, but quality of life. He defended health care rationing, and that health care should not just be about extending life at all costs but about taking into account many additional factors. He wondered aloud whether it's more reasonable to go a different route than an extensive, expensive surgery on a 90-year-old. At this point, the Southern Baptist on the panel actually jumped in his seat and shouted. 

If video of the discussion appears online, we'll include it here.