Christians Protesting at the Reason Rally

March 4, 2012

If you need one more reason to join us at the Reason Rally in Washington DC on March 24th, here's another:

Christians unhappy about this huge display of rationality are planning to attend, too.  A sampling of their announced plans:
Let's welcome any religious believers to our Rally.  If you happen to meet them, greet them with a simple question: "What's your reason?"  When you can't make sense of their answer, just reply with "Where's your reason?"  These "Faith-sayers" could use a dose of reality from us "Nay-sayers."
As for me, I look forward to civil conversations with Christians about the role of religion in public life.  Don't let any Christian tell you that secularism is about forcing religious people out of politics -- this is still a democracy, and everyone should vote.  Tell them that secularism really means no government favoritism towards religion.  Your religious liberty isn't a license to control other peoples' lives.
Of course, the best reason to attend the Reason Rally is its terrific line-up of speakers. See you there!