For the First Time, Most Would Vote for an Atheist President

July 18, 2012

Yes, hell HAS frozen over. Gallup reports that for the first time since 1958, a majority of American respondents said they would vote for a generally well-qualified atheist for president of the United States.

Some 54% said they would; 43% said they would not. Gallup has asked this question repeatedly since 1958, and always before a majority of respondents said they would not vote for an atheist.

Still, one thing remains constant: atheists remain the minority for whom the smallest number of Americans would vote. Some 80 percent of respondents said they would vote for a Mormon, 68 percent for a gay or lesbian, and 58 percent for a Muslim.

The good news is, things are getting better. The bad news is, atheists are still the minority against whom discrimination is considered most acceptable. As the train of equality chugs toward the rising sun, our seat in the caboose remains secure.